About Us


Bill  and Martha Nelson are the owners of Skystriders which they opened in  July of 2014 in Prosser, WA.  Bill is the primary Manager of the  business, instructor, assembler, maintenance tech, chief cook and bottle  washer.

To  be more specific, Bill began his flying in the early 1970's when he  learned to fly gliders.  He went to work for the flight school to earn  flight time, and then got his Commercial Certificate and CFI.  After the  school closed Bill turned to GA airplanes and got just enough hours to  earn his pilot's certificate in Cessna 150's and 152's.  Then Bill got  married and flying came to an end until the mid 2000's.

It  was then that the skies drew him again.  This time he started with  paragliders, but after an accident decided to switch back to something  more conventional.  Light Sport aircraft had made their debut by this  time and that seemed the perfect draw for a pilot who didn't want lots  of "airplane" surrounding him.  He purchased a Rans S-12 from a local  instructor and never looked back. 

Since  then, over the past 5 years, he's logged upwards of 500 hours and  completed a goal he set for himself of landing or doing T&D's at  EVERY public airport in WA state.  He then attended the 120 hour Light  Sport Repairman - Maintenance course at Rainbow Aviation, and earned his  CFI in Light Sport Airplanes. 

Retirement  came next, but Bill wasn't about to just lay around the house.  Instead  he set a new goal, a Light Sport Aviation business centered on Powered  Parachutes which he has just learned to fly.  He is also working toward a  CFI rating in PPC's and will be an authorized representative for Six  Chuter Powered Parachutes.  He will instruct in a PPC he is building  under the watchful eye of Tom Connelly, the primary assembler of Six  Chuters, and then offer a full range of services for both Powered  Parachutes and Light Sport Airplanes. 

If  you're looking for a simple ride in a powered parachute, a full package  of lessons leading to your own Light Sport Certificate, or need parts  or services for your own LSA, Skystriders is the place to come.

Certifications & Contacts


- Commercial Pilot:  Glider

Private Privileges:

- Airplane Single Engine Land

Light Sport Repairman - Maintenance

Independent Rotax Maintenance Technician

Certified Flight Instructor

 - Light Sport Rating

1064 Yakima Ave.

​Prosser, Washington 99350

(509) 781-1308 (cell)